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Welcome to Westcountry Event Services. We are a team of dedicated audio and visual professionals who will bring the sight and sound of your event to life.

The sight and sound of quality

We are committed to delivering a trusted service for the presentation of all events. Whether this is in the business sector, community or entertainment industry we can meet your needs.

With crystal clear amplification from handheld, headset, lapel and wireless microphones, with discretely placed speakers, we can ensure that not a single word or sound will be missed.

What do we do?

Your stage area will be enhanced by high quality lighting, bringing it into sharp focus. Background music and announcements can also be provided if required. Brought to you by the mastermind and driving force that is Dave Monkton of Disco in Kernow, you can be confident in our skills and expertise.

We also offer a high-quality professional photography service in collaboration with Kerry Wilcox of Devonshire Made Pix, to ensure your event is permanently captured to its full extent.

We can accommodate any sized venue, large or small, and we can even provide an outdoor trailer/ stage for outdoors events and celebrations.

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