Westcountry Event Services is committed to providing quality sound equipment to enhance your event, providing a professional cutting edge service to make you stand out above your colleagues and competitors.

We provide a selection of mixing desks, amps and speakers to suit your event. We are currently using Behringer mixers with a multitude of channels to provide sound equalisation that ensures not a word is missed.

The sound is then routed to a variety of Peavey amplifiers of differing power which will drive Wharfdale speakers, Electro Voice (EV) speakers or Thormann speakers. Alternatively, if space is at a premium the sound signal will be routed to either Alto or Eurolive powered speakers. The array of sound equipment available allows for powered systems from 200 watts to approximately 3000 watts.

The systems will be monitored and controlled by our experienced Sound Engineers from a control area which will be positioned at the rear or your venue. This will be connected by a variety of multicore cables allowing for precision sound manipulation by our professional staff.

If required, your stage area can be further enhanced by the positioning of on-stage sound monitoring speakers to ensure your presenters will be able to hear themselves with crystal clarity.

We are able to provide a vast selection of microphones ranging from hard wired microphones to handheld wireless microphones, flesh coloured headset microphones, lapel microphones or lectern microphones. The most appropriate equipment will be professionally selected to suit the needs of your presenters and your event.

If required, we can also provide a recording service where your whole event will be available to you in digital format, to enable post event playback or analysis for business enhancement purposes.

Your sound engineers are also highly experiences DJs, working with Disco In Kernow. We can provide background music and announcements as required throughout your event using computerised Pioneer music systems and a current music library of approximately 170,000 tracks of music.

Although accustomed to performing in Party and Club environments, they are well versed in the area of discretion and will tailor the music type and levels to suit your professional event.


We provide an array of stage lighting designed to illuminate your presenters to the standard required in theatrical environments. This includes aerial lighting, foot lighting and back of stage up-lighting. This will be engineered by our experienced staff from the control area at the rear of your venue, allowing the lighting engineer a perfect view of the stage area to enable precision control and manipulation of the lights.

The lights are DMX controlled with onstage power packs ensuring complete safety at all times. The lighting units comprise of PAR 56, PAR 64, PAR 36. We also provide an array of effects from lasers to scanners if required.

All the lighting will be in a variety of colours or simple white light, to enhance the event and achieve the impact you desire.

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